Listen to an introduction to "The Art of Outrage" from Peter Clother.

Peter Clothier keeps his eye open for the artists who not only know their stuff art-wise, but think about and respond to the great issues of our time in that context.

Listen to an introduction to "Context" from Marlena Donohue.

For decades now visual art cannot be discussed and is not made in isolation. It interfaces with and is influenced by pretty much every other form of creative practice--from film, to theater, to literature, to architecture, and certainly pop culture and mass media.

Listen to an introduction to "Hunter's Gatherings" from Hunter Drohowjowska-Philp.

We'll be looking at the best of current shows, and a mixture of emerging and top tier talent. I plan to share access to some of the key players in today's art world.

Listen to an introduction to "The Mat Gleason Seven" from its host.

Each month, Mat talks about the seven most memorable people, places, exhibitions and things in and around the Southern California Art Scene. You will expand your art consciousness when you listen in to The Mat Gleason Seven.

In this month's program you’ll walk on puffy clouds as the L.A. Freeway interchange floats above you. Graffiti cohabits with Japanese geishas and shoguns. Brilliantly colored whirling spirals of color alternately take you to love and war. Horses, ships and dragons are worked up to mythological proportion from impressive thickets of lines. You’ll meet an irrepressibly commited Abstract Expressionist, and the startlingly unfamiliar vision of a long time folk music star who maybe you only thought you knew.
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