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April, 2009

Listen to an introduction to "Context" from its host, Marlena Donohue.

For decades now visual art cannot be discussed and is not made in isolation. It interfaces with and is influenced by pretty much every other form of creative practice--from film, to theater, to literature, to architecture, and certainly pop culture and mass media. “Context” is going to be looking at those connections. I think that artists are acutely aware of these connections. “Con” suggests “with,” and “text” suggests a language of coded and readable signs and symbols. The programs will look at myriad "Contexts" for using, reading, engaging all manner of image and text. Marlena is ArtScene's great editor, and regularly writes articles and commentary on art for ArtScene and other publications.
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There are just a few demo goodies to start; as things get going, that will build up over time.
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